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The Fascia Division specialise in replacing wooden fascia boards with strong, thick UPVC boards that do not decay over time or require painting.

Fascia Boards are fitted to your property normally to provide support for the last row of tiles and a fixing point for the gutters. They are also fitted to protect the ends of the roofing joists from the weather.


We specialise in replacing wooden fascia boards with strong, thick UPVC boards that do not decay over time or require painting. Using marine grade stainless steel fixings, The Fascia Division, install the Fascias to the ends of the rafters to provide a maintenance free solution and provide the correct support for the tiles and gutters.

Fascia boards come in a variety of different heights ranging from 100mm to 600mm and are available in both a standard plain board, tongue and groove or ogee finish. Due to expansion and contraction custom made joint trims provide a neat finish where required.

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Protecting your rafter ends

In some cases the end of the rafters of roofing joists have become perished over time due to water ingress or the premature rotting of the existing wooden fascias spreading through to the rafter ends. Should this be the case we cut any rot and treat any bare edges with wood preserver. We then install a new piece of tantalised (pre treated) rafter and carefully re align it to provide a sound fixing substrate for your new fascias.

Beware of over cladding the wood

Without taking off the wooden fascias it is almost impossible to tell whether your existing fascias have started to rot. We have removed many wooden fascias and have found that the back of the board is rotten. This can be down to the build up of paint and fillers hiding any defects or perhaps in adequate roofing felt protection from above. (see eaves protection)

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UPVC Fascia Board is available in a range of colours to suit your property

Needless to say The Fascia Division have installed replacement fascias where they have been over-cladded before in the past. Unfortunately this has often meant having additional work to carry out to the rafter ends due to the rot spreading.

The truth is over cladding the wood is an easier job often preferred by non specialist company’s and has a 'reduced cost' attraction. In our experience over cladding is never the most economical solution and will inevitably end up as a complete waste of time and money and will in danger your roof.

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Insurance Backed Guarantee

Insurance Backed Guarantee

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