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  • White squareline guttering, tongue and groove soffit and fascia in Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire
  • Black Ash fascia with White tongue and groove soffit and Black UPVC squareline guttering in Romsey, Hampshire
  • Black Ash fascia with White tongue and groove soffit and Black UPVC squareline guttering in Romsey, Hampshire

The Fascia Division specialise in replacing old wooden fascia with maintenance free UPVC Fascias

Available in a standard flat profile or a distinctive sculpted ‘ogee’ style, our fascia boards are easy to fit and make a smart improvement to your home.

At 18mm thick, the boards are sturdy enough to be attached directly to rafters, helping to reduce the cost of fascia replacement. They are compatible with all types of soffit, giving you a choice of styles for your roofline.

Standard UPVC Colour Guide

  • White

  • Rosewood

  • Black Ash

  • Irish Oak

  • Light Oak

  • White Ash

  • Grey

  • Cream

  • * Ral Colour

*UPVC colour coating

Our products can be colour matched to any RAL Colour. We also offer a colour matching service.

Our paint adheres with the surface to form a permanently bonded coating, it is touch dry in two minutes and cures in 24 hours to form a highly durable finish that will not crack, flake or peel, it even remains sufficiently flexible to bend with the UPVC or Aluminium it is bonded to.

  • Virtually fade free:
  • Tested waterproof for ten years:
  • 10 year guarantee on adhesion:
  • Available in any RAL colour:
  • Colour matching service also available:

White Fascia Board

Our white UPVC fascia boards have a 20 year guarantee and have been tested by the BBA to last for in excess of 25 years. Using a lead free formulation and the very latest in UV stabilisers they are durable and long lasting and they will not discolour, warp, fade or crack.

Our fascia boards have a thick skin (surface finish) which is extremely resistant to the build up of grime and dirt which translates to minimal cleaning required to look as good as the day they were fitted. Our replacement UPVC Fascia’s can be used as a ‘direct fix’ solution that can be fitted directly to the rafter ends without the need for a backing board. Our Fascia boards are fitted with UPVC polypins which have a stainless steel (marine grade A4) shank and an integral white UPVC head meaning there isn’t a ‘screw cap’ that may one day come off.

We have a comprehensive range of finishing trims to match the white UPVC fascia system that allow for expansion and contraction and yet at the same time provide a neat cosmetic finish that is pleasing to the eye.

Fascia Gallery
White Fascia White Tongue and Groove Soffit UPVC White Square Guttering
White Fascia, White Tongue and Groove Soffit, UPVC White Square Guttering
UPVC White Ogee Fascia and Tongue and Groove Soffit, UPVC Black Deep Round Guttering
White Ogee Fascia, White Tongue and Groove Soffit, UPVC Black Deep Round Guttering

White Ogee Fascia Board

The distinctive styling of this White Fascia board takes the name ‘Ogee’. This decorative finish is often seen on skirting boards and yet for the roofline this style can lend itself well to properties of all ages.

Very popular in Ireland, the ‘Ogee Fascia board’ shares all of the characteristics of our White Fascia board and still has a comprehensive range of fittings such as ogee corners and ogee joiners to help really finish off the look in a variety of applications. Strong and durable and easy to keep clean often only requiring the occasional wipe down from time to time to retain its glossy finish. That said the only potential downside to this particular design is its ability to attract dirt and grime within the curvatures of the profile making it potentially more susceptible to regular cleaning as opposed to our regular smooth fascia board. For those that have or have had ‘Ogee’ styled skirting boards in the house perhaps this will resonate for some as a potential issue. For some properties the Ogee design is vital to providing a pleasing overall finish in keeping with the ascetics of the design of the property. Our particular Ogee Fascia’s have a thick UPVC skin (surface gloss coating) and are far more resistant than most to the build of dirt and grime providing an ideal virtually maintenance free finish.

Fascia Gallery

Rosewood Fascia Board

Our Rosewood range of Fascia Boards are designed to match with Rosewood windows perfectly. The laminated Rosewood finish is directly applied to our standard fascia’s using the latest technology available. Some profiles use the term ‘Heat Shield’ others use words such as foil lamination. Either way the Rosewood colour should perfectly match with other Rosewood profiles and Rosewood windows. There are other colours such as ‘Mahogany Woodgrain’ that are similar and also precede the Rosewood colour. The Mahogany Woodgrain is notably different with a more stripy finish and has lighter coloured browns throughout while the Rosewood being more synonymous with a ‘wood-grain’ having darker browns and even some ‘swirly’ black in its colouring.

Our Rosewood range of Fascia’s share all of the same characteristics of our White Fascia Boards and also have the assurance of a 10 year ‘no quibble’ guarantee by the manufacturer. One could argue that with a guarantee this long it would have certainly stood the test of time and rigours of our climate.

As with all laminated profiles it is essential that they are fitted correctly leaving adequate spacing for expansion and contraction.

Fascia Gallery
Rosewood Fascia Rosewood Soffit UPVC Black round Guttering
UPVC Rosewood Fascias and Soffits, UPVC Black round Guttering
Black Ash Fascia Black Ash Soffit UPVC Black Ogee Guttering
UPVC Black Ash Fascia and Soffit, UPVC Black Ogee Guttering

Black Ash Fascia Board

Our Black Ash range of Fascia Boards are laminated and also come with a long 10 year guarantee. This also covers colour fastness!

The ‘black finish’ complimented by the comprehensive range of finishing trims can provide an ideal solution for those that have black glossed wooden fascia boards and yet this alternative means that there is no need to paint them!

As with our Rosewood Fascia’s, our Black Ash Woodgrain Fascia’s share the same characteristics of our White Fascia Boards and with the Black ash foiled laminated finish they are designed to match other UPVC products such as Black ash Windows perfectly.

Our direct fit boards offer an ideal solution to timber and are strong enough and durable to a point that all they require is the occasional wipe over with warm soapy water or a mild detergent to maintain their ‘as new’ appearance.

It is absolutely essential that they are fitted by trained installers because unlike White profiles, Black profiles in particular can attract far more heat and therefore allowances need to be made to allow for thermal expansion. Please ask for details.

Fascia Gallery

Mahogany Fascia Board

Mahogany Fascia boards were among the first of the colour choices in UPVC to be offered. Mahogany Woodgrain like other woodgrain finished profiles are foil laminated. This process provides a colour fast finish that has the back up of a 10 year guarantee against fading and discolouration.

Our Mahogany woodgrain products share the same finish as all other Mahogany UPVC profiles so they will match products such as Mahogany woodgrain windows perfectly. Our range of products include a comprehensive collection of finishing trims and larger boards so they can adapt to suit a variety of applications. Most of all we can achieve the same level of finish as we would with white profiles as the range is equally extensive.

As with all Woodgrain profiles the correct installation is key to make sure that adequate allowances are made for thermal expansion and contraction. To achieve a tailored finish we have Mahogany woodgrain corner and joint trims that complement the profile and hide the gaps required to allow for this. Please ask for details.

Fascia Gallery
UPVC Mahogany Fascia and Soffit, UPVC Brown Deep Round Guttering
UPVC Mahogany Fascia and Soffit, UPVC Brown Deep Round Guttering
UPVC Irish Oak Fascias and Soffits, UPVC Black cast effect Guttering
UPVC Irish Oak Fascias and Soffits, UPVC Black cast effect Guttering

Irish Oak Fascia Board

Irish Oak Woodgrain Fascia boards are among the latest in standard colour choices to be offered in UPVC. Its modern looking appearance and colourfast properties offer an ideal alternative to some of the other standard colours available. We have found that this colour choice is popular among more contemporary styled properties and in the right environment it has a pleasing ‘wood-like’ finish.

We have a comprehensive range of products available in this product line to allow for intricate joinery to suit a variety of applications.

The ‘Irish Oak’ colour ‘wood grain’ finish is available in UPVC windows and doors to match perfectly where required so this makes it an ideal complimentary product in existing installations where Irish Oak windows have already been fitted.

As with all Woodgrain profiles are expert installers are trained to fit the product correctly allowing for the appropriate expansion and contraction tolerances required to ensure a long lasting installation. An occasional wipe over (perhaps by the window cleaner) with a mild detergent will ensure they come up ‘as new’ without the need for the maintenance required to look after traditional timber products.

Fascia Gallery

Light Oak Fascia Board

Also commonly referred to as ‘Golden Oak’ woodgrain is a popular choice to those requiring a lighter wood looking finish. Complimented by our extensive range of ‘Caramel’ coloured guttering it can look very attractive on a property that can lend itself to this colour choice.

The Light Oak finish has been readily available in a choice of windows, doors and composite doors for some years now and our range of Light Oak Fascias and Soffits is extensive for those looking to match the joinery on their homes throughout.

As with all of our woodgrain profiles the manufacturer offers a comprehensive 10 year warranty on the product that covers fading, warping and cracking that offer you complete peace of mind that it can stand, at the very least, a decade of what our weather can throw at it and yet still retain its beautiful appearance.

Again careful and expert fitting is essential to allow for expansion and contraction with a comprehensive range of Light Oak coloured corners and joint trims to finish it off perfectly.

Fascia Gallery
UPVC Light Oak Fascias and Soffits, UPVC Caramel Ogee Guttering
UPVC Light Oak Fascias and Soffits, UPVC Caramel Ogee Guttering

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