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What are bird guards?

Pantiles are one of the most popular tiles for houses in the UK. It has a clever curvy shape that leaves a gap at the roof edge to allow the roof to breath. Unfortunately, the downfall in this design is that it also provides an ideal nesting site for small birds and vermin to entree into the loft space. Not only can this cause a sleepless night but also cause problems with blocked gutters and unnecessary mess.

All this can be prevented with our bird guard system.

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Bird Guard Installation

Bird Guard
Bird Guard System

Bird guard system

The Fascia Division fit bird guards to all their installations as standard where required. Our bird guards are designed to help prohibit the entry of birds and large insects below the eaves of profiled tiles. It runs continuously along the top of the fascia board above the felt. This product used in conjunction with our eaves protection boards provides an additional barrier for wildlife to enter the roof space. Eaves protection boards make it extremely difficult for any birds or wildlife to peck through the felt.

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