At The Fascia Division we install our Eaves Protection System on all replacement systems as standard

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Continuous ventilation at eaves level

This has been predominantly achieved by ventilation to the soffit area. Examples of this are ‘strip ventilation’ and circular or square ventilation grills. Other methods include pre stamped soffit boards offered by many of the manufacturers.

One disadvantage of ventilating the roof space in the soffit area is that after a relatively short period of time this highly visible area becomes a dust trap. This can spoil the cosmetic appearance of the roofline.

Eaves protection Installation

Eaves Protection Boards
Eaves Protection Boards

Eaves Protection Boards

The felt support tray prevents felt sagging at eaves level and subsequent ponding of water. It’s suitable for use in new build or refurbishment situations and eliminates the need to strip a large section of the roof to replace old felt.

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